Wednesday, February 9, 2011


tatum & sydney after a dance competition at our
favorite yogurtland:)
grammie, tatum & syd after a long day & night
of dance
sydney landon & tatum finally a break
we spent the day at the zoo & had so much fun!!
wow syd is smiling at the dance convention
this cutie pie is so over dance...we're having her
finish up the year tho.
tatum at convention she's ready to have a break also
but is excited to finish off the year with a bang, she's
in a trio which she has always wanted. she's very excited.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

hanging out!!!

sunday nights are my favorite we are always just hanging out & being lazy...
me, tatum & syd being silly:) love my girls!

christmas with the fam

this summer my parents & younger bro steven moved in w/ us into our mother in law suite upstairs. and i've loved every minute of it! hopefully they have helps because we're a very open family & say what's on our minds. the laundry day assignments also helped & that my dad is a clean/organizing freak & my mom has made it easy to have dinner on the table, will stop whatever she's doing to help me & steven is a good sport for sharing a room w/ a kid who likes to kick u in the back in the middle of the night.
this christmas jack & jacki spent the night christmas eve and it was so fun having them there, jacki was so excited for the kids to wake up & see all their gifts that jacki woke them up probably way before they would've been up, there the only kids i know that sleep in on christmas morning. this year rex's parents stopped by so we didn't leave the house all christmas day it was just perfect. i'm so thankful for such a wonderful family, we have so much fun together.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

sydney & landon above w/ their buds maya
and nate....
then tatum w/ hers' dominique, graci, megan &
kellan right before the run:)

tatti's brace face & jingle jog

early thurs morning tatum got her wish...BRACES:)
but ask her now & she's already counting down the
days she can take them off! mom & everyone else
told you so, sorry!! you look so old & cute also
be happy your getting it done now. so right after
we headed to the jingle jog where we ran, ran &
RAN! so fun everyone was doing great, but syd didn't
stop my little runner.